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Veel startende ondernemers werken vanuit huis.
Dat is ook niet zo vreemd als je naar de huidige huurprijzen voor een kantoor, bedrijfsruimte of winkel kijkt.
Daarom is voor deze groep, een Zakelijk Postadres of Zakelijk Vestigingsadres van BedrijfsAdres.Amsterdam - "De perfecte oplossing".

Een Zakelijk Post of Vestigingsadres van BedrijfsAdres.Amsterdam "De perfecte oplossing"
voor de Startende Ondernemer!

Business or Postal Address

Business Address

  • Keeping work and private life separate.

    Working from home has such advantages. You don’t have to go back and forth getting stuck in traffic, it’s easier to combine work with family activities and also saves you a lot on office space costs. But what address do you use on your website, letterhead and business cards?

  • A professional business appearance.

    When doing business with a new party, we always want to know if the company is legit. We look at Google where the company is located, check the Chamber of Commerce or search for reviews.

  • Does the process of relocating your Business take longer than planned?

    After a lot of searching, you have finally managed to find an affordable business space in the right place. It only takes four months to make real use of it. Order a Business Address to bridge the gap! You are not stuck to a contract for years.

Company-Address.Amsterdam Business and Postal Address Veembroederhof
Company-Address.Amsterdam Business and Postal Address Impuls

A Business Address (Visiting Address) is available at Company Address Amsterdam starting at € 95,- per month, You can register the postal address and visiting address at the Chamber of Commerce and use it as correspondence address on your website, stationery and business cards. This includes the unlimited right to use a workspace at one of our locations in Amsterdam, Purmerend or Middenbeemster.

Through the agenda at you can book a workspace, conference room, presentation room or meeting room. Payment can be done upfront thru iDEAL.

Includes free WIFI, coffee, tea, and water.

On working days, between 09:00 – 16:00, there is a receptionist present who can receive visitors on behalf of your company. By appointment, other times are possible too.

Business Postal Address

Company-Address.Amsterdam Business and Postal Address

A Business Postal Address is available starting at €55,- per month and offers you the opportunity to register the address as a Postal Address at the Chamber of Commerce and to use as Correspondence Address on your Website, Stationery and Business cards.

This includes the basic package of postal services that consists of 1x per month NL 50 grams (free of charge).

Company-Address.Amsterdam Business and Postal Address Postservice

Business Phone Number

Company-Address.Amsterdam Business Phone Numbers Dashboard
Company-Address.Amsterdam Zakelijk Telefoonnummer Opties Business or Postal Address

You may also want to be reached by phone with a number that corresponds to the location of your chosen Business Address. Therefore, Company Address Amsterdam offers regional and national VoIP phone numbers.

Expensive? Not at all!


You already have a 020, 0299 ​​or 085 number for as little as €7,00 per month.

Monthly costs
1x User Account€ 7,00
Total monthly € 7,00
One-off costs
1x User Account€ 25,00
Total monthly€ 25,00
One-time charge (VAT included)€ 30,25
Call cost

We charge per Second, not per minute.

Destinationconnection feePer minute
The Netherlands – fixed€ 0,03€ 0,022
The Netherlands – mobile€ 0,03€ 0,089
The Netherlands – 085- and 088-numbers€ 0,04€ 0,022