Business Phone Number

In order to stay in touch with your customers, we decided to also provide Business Phone Numbers.


We provide a Business Phone Number in the form of VoIP telephony (Voice over IP). With VoIP telephony, you have the option to call with your chosen extension(s). Which can be a 020 (Amsterdam), 0299 ​​(Purmerend and nearby) but also a 085 number.


With a VoIP account you have a telephone switchboard in the Cloud.

Besides your Business Phone Number, you will receive access to Voys Freedom. This is your online telephone switchboard in the cloud where you can configure your own calling preferences.


This way you can decide on which Phone you want to be reachable. On your way to a client? Then you set up accessibility on your Mobile Phone. Working a day from home? Set your business accessibility to your fixed Home Phone. Want to make an outbound call with your Business Phone Number from your Mobile Phone? No problem, it’s all possible with a Business Phone Number.