Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application form filled in and what now?

    After successful submission of the Application Form, you will receive an e-mail, the invoice for the services you have chosen. In this invoice you will find a link to pay securely via iDEAL. Once the payment is processed, you will receive the Contract + Terms and Conditions by email. Send this contract to [email protected] and you will then receive the final contract for registration / change of Chamber of Commerce.

  • Is it possible to pick up the mail myself?

    Personally picking up the mail is not possible due to central processing. In addition, our clients’ privacy is paramount. Shipping / forwarding of the mail weekly or monthly depending on the chosen postal service on Friday, except for public holidays.

  • Does Company Address Amsterdam fulfills the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce?

    The delivery of Post and Postal Addresses services is a series of strict rules. For example, we are obliged to send by mail, regardless of the preference of a customer. Hence the addition of the 50gr free mail package. in the Netherlands. There must be a receptionist (s) to access and, if requested, access to established companies at the location. During the last visit of an employee of the Chamber of Commerce, it has been found that Company Address Amsterdam meets these requirements.

  • How can I, as a customer of Bedrijfsadres Amsterdam, rent a physical workplace?

    If you purchase a business address from Bedrijfsadres Amsterdam, you automatically have unlimited access to the workplaces at all our locations for an additional fee. To book a room, visit Here you will find all information about available locations & prices.

  • Company address Amsterdam has a new location that I would like to move to, is this possible?

    Bedrijfsadres Amsterdam is always looking for new locations that meet the high standards set by our customers. If you would like to use a different location within our portfolio, this is of course possible. We charge a one-off €25,- for administration costs.