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Veel startende ondernemers werken vanuit huis.
Dat is ook niet zo vreemd als je naar de huidige huurprijzen voor een kantoor, bedrijfsruimte of winkel kijkt.
Daarom is voor deze groep, een Zakelijk Postadres of Zakelijk Vestigingsadres van BedrijfsAdres.Amsterdam - "De perfecte oplossing".

Een Zakelijk Post of Vestigingsadres van BedrijfsAdres.Amsterdam "De perfecte oplossing"
voor de Startende Ondernemer!

Welcome to our restyled website!

We have given the website a completely new look with more detailed information about our services. In addition, we have expanded our offer to help you even better! But let’s start with the Core Services that we have been offering as Business Address Amsterdam for some time now.


There are several terms being used for the same Service. Some call it a Virtual Office, Business Chamber of Commerce Address, Company Address or Registration Address. In our point of view, the term Virtual Office is now obsolete. It’s a flashy term which popped up three or four years ago and was acceptable back then but never really clear. Besides being a vague term which can easily be confused with Software packages in the Cloud, a new rule has been enforced earlier this year, which states that a receptionist should be present at the address (physical). The receptionist acts as your contact point for you and your visitors, employees of the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax administration and can receive your mail/parcels. All real and physical actions.

We have therefore chosen the term Business Address & Business Postal Address. Nothing flashy really but straight to the point and clear.


Why go for a Business Postal or Business Address?

Many starting entrepreneurs and freelancers choose a Business Postal or Business Address because:


  • Renting an office is very expensive
  • They are on the road a lot and therefore make little use of an office.
  • They like to make a business and professional impression on their customers.
  • They focus on a target group in a particular region where they do not live.
  • The home address does not meet the standards and requirements for use as a registration address.


Among these, there are many more reasons for choosing a Business Postal or Business Address provided by Bedrijfsadres.Amsterdam.


Business Phone Numbers

Many of our customers work from home or are on the go, so they often make use of their mobile phone number as their Business Phone Number. Nothing wrong with that. However, a fixed-line phone radiates more professionalism than a mobile phone number. Wouldn’t it be ideal to be available to your customers on both your landline phone and your mobile phone number through one Business Phone Number? The Phone Number listed on your website, business card, stationery etcetera.

With the Business (VoIP) Phone Number we offer, that’s all possible. You decide from which device you make calls. Working from home and prefer to receive phone calls on your landline? It’s a mouse click away with your own Freedom portal. This way, your customers can reach you everywhere they way you like it. We provide regional numbers corresponding with your Business Address. For example, you can choose a 020 or 0299 number but also a national 085 or 088 number can be arranged.
Click Here for more information.

We are looking forward to welcome you as our new customer soon!